Llandysul House

About the project

We took on building a brand new house on a hill.  It was architect-designed, not a regular shape.  But the build was not going to be overseen by an architect.  We were also using extruded clay blocks imported from Germany requiring techniques almost unknown in our area.  So this was a difficult project, and we needed a builder who was up for going into uncharted territory, and had the experience and creativity to come up with solutions as they were needed.  Simon Evans did this for us.  He set a high standard with his own work, and brought in a highly-skilled team to back him.  He came up with many suggestions which improved the appearance of the house and made it more user-friendly. The result is a beautiful and well-built house with superb insulation values and much more. We are indebted to him. 

Andrew Rivett and Gillian Paschkes-Bell
Bryn Glas, Llandysul, West Wales